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Strong America Now
...focused on eliminating the national debt and deficit using a proven waste-elimination process called Lean Six Sigma

Feet to the Fire
Great site for conservatives seeking a clear view of what our members of Congress actually do, as opposed to what they say. 

State Budget Soutions
Transparency and accountability, at your fingertips. Plus, The Williams Report, providing the latest news on state budgets, collective bargaining and public pensions

Project Vote Smart
The Voter's Self-Defense System -- providing you with the most relevant, unbiased information on over 40,000 candidates and officials.

Watch the Vote
Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

Downsizing the Federal Government by the Cato Institute:
A department-by-department guide to cutting the government's budget.

To Renew America 
...renewing American leadership New Yorkers a clearer view of how their state and local tax dollars are spent.

Brennan Center NY 
...focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice in the public sector.

The Cato Institute
Thousands of economic studies and articles available online, as well as streaming audio and video of institute events.

The Heritage Foundation
...operating on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Jobs through Growth
Gets Washington out of the way and will unleash tremendous private sector growth that creates a jobs renaissance. 

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Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget is Unacceptable 
Paladino's Excellent Assessment of All That is Wrong With, and Missing from Cuomo's Budget Recommendations  - Carl Paladino

Cuomo Was Father of Subprime Crisis
"...and his aggressive attacks on Wall Street could make him dangerous to the banking sector

What are you waiting for?  
Sign the petition telling Shelly Silver 
to step down as Speaker of the 

Sign the petition to get rid of the Grand Island bridge tolls, which represents a $30 million drain on the Western New York economy.

Read Our Proposals to Reform NYS
Government.  These are items we wish to 
have included at a Constitutional Convention.

3200 attend 2nd Amendment Rights Protest Rally in Niagara Square, Buffalo NY on January 19, 2013. Story and video here. 

"The only thing necessary 
for evil to triumph, 
is for good men 
to do nothing." 
~Edmund Burke
NYS Government in Action:
"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
~2 Chronicles 7:14

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A disaster in the making

The White House Rural Council is a domestic terrorist organization ...which intends to force the subjugation of the US to United Nations control.  
TAKE ACTION here:  Obama's Terror Network

HEY, OLD PEOPLE!!   Pay Attention!
..and Young People, you especially need to pay attention.  What's in Obamacare?  $716BILLION in cuts to Medicare over the next 10 years.  Stop being bamboozled by Democrat MediScare. *Updated, 29Sep2012

Contrary to the BS you’re being fed by the Dems and the MSM, the Paul Ryan Plan is a responsible alternative to the disastrous monstrosity known as Obamacare.  The Ryan Plan cuts $6.2 trillion in spending from Obama’s budget over the next 10 years and actually addresses paying off our national debt.  “The truth is that the Obama health law reduces future funding for Medicare by $575 billion over the next 10 years and spends the money on other programs, including a vast expansion of Medicaid. In 2019, Medicare spending under the Obama health law is projected to be $14,731 per senior, instead of $16,162 if the law had not passed, according to Medicare actuaries (Health Affairs, October 2010)……Yet if the president and the Democratic Party successfully bamboozle voters, they may win back independents and registered Democrats who voted for Republicans in 2010. The 2012 election could turn on this falsehood.” 
Medicare as We’ve Known it Isn’t an Option 
~Betsy McCaughey, former Lt. Governor, NewYork State

HR3200 - What's Really in the Healthcare Bill 
-- It's Worse Than You Think:   
Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill

Premeditated Merger
A WikiLeaks document uncovered by investigators… “appear[s] to confirm an incremental and covert plan within the highest levels of the American and Canadian governments to accomplish deeper ‘North American Integration,’ while keeping most average citizens in the dark and bypassing the constitutions of the existing three sovereign nations of America, Canada and Mexico.”  Read more: 
North American Initiative No Theory

Read more: Many more important current events, here at the TEANewYork Blog -- just scroll through....

Older News:
Fannie Mae Executives File a Patent to Gain Exclusive Rights to Control Cap & Trade Market
While enriching themselves with bonuses as they created the sub-prime mortgage meltdown for the rest of the country, the Fannie Mae executives were setting themselves up to benefit off the future Cap and Trade legislation that Obama was pushing, while they were making over $125,000 worth of donations to Obama's campaigns. 
The Press Release from Rep. Jason Chaffetz  here.
Link to Patent here.

Obama Ignores Court of Appeals in Attempt to Take Over the Internet
A  federal court of appeals unanimously rejected the brazen campaign by Obama's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the Internet via so-called "Net Neutrality." Meanwhile, over in the court of public opinion, the American electorate opposes Obama's scheme to federalize the Web by a 2-to-1 margin. But instead of respecting the unequivocal Court of Appeals decision or public disposition, Obama's FCC disdainfully retreated to Plan B. In an attempt to circumvent the Court of Appeals ruling, the FCC has unveiled its attempt to "reclassify" the Internet under New Deal-era telephone laws written in the 1930s.
The Obama Administration is moving full steam ahead with its plans to take over every sector of the U.S. economy. First it was the auto industry, then the health care, energy and financial sectors. And now, the Obama Administration is also advancing a plan for a government takeover of the Internet! 
Take Action! Tell Congress to oppose the FCC's attempt to regulate the Internet.

What's the Big Rush on Amnesty?
The big push to rush through Amnesty Programs for illegal immigrants is clearly an attempt to quickly get them on the voting rolls, in hopes of preventing a clean sweep out of incumbents in November 2010.   
READ MORE HERE.   Also, check out the  trailer for 
the movie BORDERS

Obama Takes First Major Step in Banning
Firearms in the US... by entering into an international treaty, which would require only 2/3 of Senate approval.  First circulated in December 2009.

Attention, Police & Military Personnel!  Please consider joining, sworn to honor the Constitution, and protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The End of Reason... The deaf and braindead Congress just voted to strap you and your great-grandchildren with a trillion dollar debt...  
Here's what you can do.

Take Back the Republicone committee seat at a time -- what some consider the only peaceful means.

~Still confused about what's not to like about Obama?
~Still convinced that when TEA Party groups say they want to Take Back the Republic, they only mean they want to take it back from a black president?
~Are you still oblivious to the Socialism that's sweeping America?  Please take a few moments...

The Prophetic Pastor Manning
Pastor Manning, speaking in 2008, correctly predicted that 3 years after this video was made, 2011, that Obama would “take out” Osama Bin Laden. Pastor Manning goes on to say that a deal would be struck between Obama and Ahmadinejad to exchange Bin Laden for Israel.  Pastor Manning called this one in 2008…  Give Me Osama, I’ll Give You the Jews

              TAKE ACTION
Tea Party Tea!
Must-see video:  2nd Amendment supporters all over the State of New York assembled and fired a simultaneous shot on January 11th, 2014, to protest Governor Andrew Cuomo's unSAFE Act.

Sign the petition to impeach Andrew Cuomo
On January 15th, 2013, Governor 
Andrew Cuomo dealt a major blow 
to your second amendment rights, 
and as responsible citizens, we 
cannot let this stand.

Join Class Action Lawsuit Against Gun Control
A class action lawsuit is being coordinated against NYS regarding New Jan 2013 Gun Control Measures.

Sign Legislative Petition to Repeal
Sign Senator Kathleen Marchione´s 
Petition to Repeal and Replace the 
restrictive new Gun Control Measures.

You can do it all right here in one place:

Also, watch and listen to Assemblyman 
David DiPietro defend the 2nd 
Amendment on the Floor of the 
Assembly, and sign his peition to 

52 of 62 counties in NY State have passed resolutions opposing the NY UnSAFE Act, along with hundreds of towns, villages & municipalities.  In a stunning display of arrogance, Cuomo refuses to address his trampling of the Constitution because he believes his only constituency is NY City.  See more at
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Check out La Biosfera's 
Vet Respite - a perfect respite for returning veterans who need to decompress

Sign the petition to protect NYS citizens against the out-of-control New York State Legislature - on expanded partial-birth abortion, gun control and illegal immigration HERE
See Buffalo's Monticello
and Monty's Blog here!